Revo Uninstaller Pro User's Manuals

For detailed instructions and more info about all the features of Revo Uninstaller Pro, You can review the User's manual of Revo Uninstaller Pro in different file formats or browse it online. By default it is included in PDF format in your installation and to open it, start Revo Uninstaller Pro and go to Main menu -> "Help" submenu -> "Help File" command

Online User's Manual PDF DOC ODT

Revo Uninstaller Pro 2 User's Manual.pdf(Simplified Chinese)

Revo Uninstaller Pro Logs Database

The logs database is a collection of traced logs of installed programs stored on our web site prepared and maintained by Revo Uninstaller Pro's team. You can easily (with one click on the button "Uninstall" within Revo Uninstaller Pro) use these logs to uninstall programs from your computer.

Logs Database

To close the small blue target window, which appears on the upper right corner of the screen when you are in "Hunter Mode", you have to to click with the right button of your mouse on it and choose Exit or Open Main Window.

To move the small blue window, which appears on the upper right corner of the screen when you are in "Hunter Mode", you have to to click with the middle (scroll) button of your mouse on it and drag it to the desired location.

The reason for the problem is that Windows 7 does not allow pinning programs containing "install" keyword in their name. You can solve the problem by making a shortcut on your desktop of Revo Uninstaller and change the shortcut's name to just "Revo" or something else, but the name should not contain "install" as Revo Uninstaller Pro does!

Purchase of a License includes free lifetime technical support and free updates of the program, till the next major version, i.e. 3.1.1; 3.5.0, 3.9.9 free updates till version 4.0. Major version (like 4.0) will include major improvements and major new features. Depending on its features you can decide to upgrade by purchasing an upgrade license (significant discounts will be applied) or to continue using the purchased version. You can continue using the major version for which you have purchased a license for as long as you want.

Revo Uninstaller Pro connects to the Internet to perform the following tasks:

  • activation/registration;
  • checking for and downloading updates (newer version);
  • browsing and downloading of Trace Logs from our Logs Database.

No other connections to the Internet are made.

There are tens of thousands of applications that leave a lot of unused data such as registry entries, files and folders in your computer. Not all registry keys left in your computer are errors, and the third party registry cleaners cannot detect them. Leftover registry keys in combination with leftover files makes the registry cleaner's job impossible. Revo Uninstaller helps you to remove the leftover registry keys, files and folders after uninstalling an application.
Reinstalling the program is the first and easiest solution! Because Revo Uninstaller Pro automatically creates a system restore point before uninstalling a program, you can use Windows System Restore to restore your system to a previous state Revo Uninstaller Pro -> Windows Tools-> Windows System Restore By default Revo Uninstaller Pro moves all leftover files to the Recycle Bin when you delete them - so check it for accidentally deleted files! Also by default Revo Uninstaller Pro backs up every deleted leftover Registry item - so check the Backup Manager of Revo Uninstaller Pro for restore point created after the deletion of Registry items that you want to restore
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