Command Line Support

Revo Uninstaller Pro supports command line options and has a command processor: RevoCmd.exe.

RevoCmd.exe can be used to list installed programs on a computer. It can be used to list programs by a part of their name, and it can also show the installation location and the uninstallation command of a program, which can be then used to start its built-in uninstaller.


RevoCmd /m “program name” [/i] [/u] [/p]

/m – match program name using wildcard characters – * and ?

The asterisk (*) wildcard represents any collection of characters

The question mark (?) wildcard represents any single character

Example: RevoCmd /m Microso*
Shows all programs beginning with the name Microso

/i – Include Install Location if exists
/u – Include Uninstall command
/p – Pause on each page
/? or /help – This help

Some Revo Uninstaller Pro operations can be executed from a command line. Supported command line operations and their arguments are:

  • Regular Uninstall – you can uninstall programs listed in Revo Uninstaller. The uninstallation process does not start the built-in uninstaller of the selected program, instead it automatically deletes Registry entries, files, and folders found as leftovers and created by the program.
    RevoUninPro /mu “Program name” /path “Full program path” /mode “uninstall mode” /32 where the parameters are:

    /mu – exact name of the program, as it is listed in Revo Uninstaller Pro.

    /path – full path to the program’s installation folder. The path must not end with a backslash character (\).

    /mode – mode of the uninstallation – Safe, Moderate, or Advanced.

    /32 or /64 – depending if the program is 32-bit or 64-bit.

    RevoUninPro /mu “Yahoo Toolbar” /path “C:\Program Files\Yahoo Toolbar” /mode Moderate /32

  • Traced Uninstall – you can uninstall traced a program using the name of its trace log. The uninstall process reverts all logged system changes.
    RevoUninPro /tu “Log name” where the parameters are:
    /tu – exact name of the log file, as you have saved it after tracing the program’s installation, i.e. as it is listed in Revo Uninstaller Pro.

    RevoUninPro /tu “Yahoo Toolbar”

  • Export – you can export the lists of all installed programs and all traced programs. All details/properties are included in the exported files.
    RevoUninPro /export “Full export path” /all /traced /txt /xls /html where the parameters are:
    /export – full path to the export file, and where the exported information will be stored.
    /all – export the “All Programs” list.
    /traced – export the “Traced Programs” list.
    /txt – export the information in a text file (.txt).
    /xls – export the information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls).
    /html – export the information in an HTML file (.html).

    Note: for the export to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to work, you need to have Microsoft Excel installed and functioning properly.

    RevoUninPro /export “C:\My data\allprograms.txt” /all /txt

  • Hunter Mode – you can start Revo Uninstaller Pro in Hunter Mode.

    RevoUninPro /hunter


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