wow! A lightning fast response! Thank you so much for the additional information!
I was sold on the trial version of your product in less than 30 minutes after installing. Was able to clean up some particularly nasty installs that had been nagging me forever. Well Done!
Excellent product!

Kevin Yancy

Best uninstaller ever!
I’ve used this program to clear all the leftovers that screw things up and cause compatibility issues after normal uninstall’s. If you are searching for an perfect uninstaller than Revo is the best solution!!!

Keith W. P.

Other reviews have covered the essential power of this app. I can verify it works. I have used this for a while now and have NEVER had an issue with uninstalling a program, or reboot issues. I have it on all of my PCs and my laptop. I have compiled a list of the best freeware and open source applications I have found and this is on the top 10. I have distributed this list to friends, fellow students, and instructors at school, so it must be good if I put my “seal of approval” on it. This tool DOES delete those nasty toolbar leftovers, the spyware/adware remnants, those programs with uninstallers that don’t delete files/folders. It simply works.

Amber P.

Revo Uninstaller Mobile

Optimize your phone’s capacity

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Much better than Windows uninstaller.
Great product to do what windows uninstaller won’t. Easy to use. Does what it says and have many advanced features.

David Jackson

The best free uninstaller tool out there. Definitely would classify this as a must have utility that should be on every PC. Comes in a portable version too.

Michael S.

The one and only !!! By far the best of all uninstallers ! And you can believe me, because i tried them all ! Absolutely no chance for all the others !

Barbara C.

Its such a good program I never uninstall a program I need to uninstall any other way than with Revo Uninstaller. You can delete files that the program you are uninstalling`s own uninstaller leaves behind. Its very rare you cannot. It is easy to use and understand how to use it. I wouldn’t go back to using just the uninstaller that comes with the program you are trying to uninstall.

Garett T.

Not only does it run the uninstall application for the program you want to uninstall, it scans the computer for leftover files and registry entries from the uninstall! It was always a pain to search for all that manually. This tool is also great for cleaning up your hard drive and startup entries. The Junk Files Cleaner feature the first time running it found tens of thousands of junk files. It gave me a few GBs of space back once cleared. It also has great cleaners for web browsers, Microsoft Office, and the Windows OS itself. One thing that could be improved is adding web browser cleaners for the major web browsers for only Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari and drop Netscape. Netscape is a dead web browser. Another improvement is uninstallations that require reboot. I don’t want to mess with the leftover information scan with the required reboot. After reboot Revo Uninstaller can`t continue the leftover information scan. This needs to be fixed somehow.

John S.

My computer was infected with an unwanted program “websearch.com” which I could not uninstall using the windows uninstaller – it was not detected as an installed program. I found Revo Uninstaller after a web search and after some mails to their support team, the problem was solved. I can therefore unreservedly recommend Revouninstaller for the removal of unwanted programs. The support team provided first class assistance.

Bernard Curtis

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I really love your program. It always works, it gets rid of the left over files and does a fantastic job. Helps me keep my computer lean and clean and working great.


Over the years I’ve tried trial software, decided against it, removed it. All’s good. Later, reconsidered to re-evaluate the software and the trial was expired even though I had removed it. No such problem with Revo Uninstaller Pro. Exact same scene recently. I used a product for several days and they failed to give me access to their forum to help understand some of the complications of the program, so uninstalled with Revo Uninstaller. They eventually approved my forum access. While I was very disappointed with the company to begin with, I reinstalled their software and had the original 30 day trial! I’ve worked computers for 40 years. With Windows in particular it is near impossible to root out all the trash a program puts in the registry. Revo caught all of it, as if it had never been installed. Impressed! I was impressed with their trial as well and was luck to buy it on sale at a great price.

N. D.

I have tried many uninstallers but I keep coming back to Revo, why? Because it’s one of the best and thorough uninstallers there are, not to mention fast and free. I will likely end up getting the pro version. Can’t say enough about this uninstaller.

Samantha N.

My add/remove program would not delete windows 2005 server and some spy files. Revo Unistaller worked fine, everyone needs this system cleaner.

Oleg K.

No error(s) and no problem(s) with install. My DivX setup did not uninstall, Revo solved this problem. Otherwise I had to set back my system to a point before the DiVX install with Windows System Restore. You decides what you want to delete after Revo has scanned your computer for the program to uninstall. Revo also deletes the entry of the program to uninstall from the software list via the control panel.

Lane M.



Does an amazing job for forcing out programs you don’t want. Good to try and good to buy.


Excellent. Easy. Does what it says.
I strongly recommend Revo Uninstaller Pro, as it takes up where the inbuilt uninstaller leaves off. It was able to get rid of programs that I had not been otherwise able to remove, and with its deep search, there was no need to go in and remove the remaining files manually. Works extremely well.

Dennis H.

Very happy with Revo’s free Uninstaller, now with full 64-bit Windows support, makes it easy to fully remove apps and clean up your PC. Truly recommend it. The best tool for me to uninstall completely all windows software I no longer need.

Christopher J. Hellraiser

Revo is very good at removing stubborn remnants from incomplete or incorrect uninstalls. It hunts out left over registry keys and deletes those too (after user confirmation). An excellent piece of software.

Megan F.

Best uninstaller out there so far.
The best out there, the one that cleans the most not leaving any garbage behind. Download it, try it out . This is one uninstaller that dose what it said to do.

Kevin T.

Revo Uninstaller Pro protects the registry and it’s an emergency tool. Cleaning the registry is always risky, no matter the software used to do it. Revo Uninstaller Pro reduces the need of registry cleaning precisely where a registry cleaner got to do the most of its job and be more accurate. I can uninstall the bad application immediately, before it’s too late to do anything else.



Uninstall software completely without leaving a trace

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Its not only the best for free stuff it is better than any out there. It works, and it keeps things clean so you don`t have lots of leftovers. Uninstalling has never been easier.

Andrew D.

I had a major problem uninstalling Adobe Reader. The program’s unistaller was non-functional and gave an error. I ran Revo and it cleaned up enough garbage that I was able to install Adobe Reader. It isn’t like another program that I tried that eventually tells you that you have to pay to fix the problem.Revo is Free,effective,and clean.

Steven S.

This is the best uninstaller by far – it runs the program’s uninstaller and then has various scanning modes to check for other leftovers the basic uninstaller doesn’t uninstall. It finds almost all uninstallers; certainly heaps more than Wise, but not quite as many as MyUninstaller, which is now my backup uninstaller. But Revo is my first choice!

James A.

Been using this for a year or two now and love it. Awesome uninstaller – haven’t used windows add/remove again. Cleans a bunch of left-over junk from uninstalls. Awesome interface, autoupdates and works flawlessly on my XP and Vista machines. One of the BEST free proggys I’ve ever used.

Larry P.

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