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Revo Uninstaller Pro helps you to uninstall
software and remove unwanted programs easily.


The Uninstaller is a great option in situations when a program won’t uninstall normally or when you have some doubts that a program has not been uninstalled completely. This issues are more common than you can imagine – traces like registry items or program files and folders often remain after the regular uninstall process. The Uninstaller module in Revo Uninstaller Pro 4 lists the installed programs and components for all and current user on your computer. It is your best solution when it comes to completely remove stubborn programs, temporary files, and other unnecessary program data that is left behind after the standard uninstall process from Programs and Features applet built in Windows. Using Revo Uninstaller guarantees that your system is cleared of any residual files that may slow down or fill an unnecessary space on your device.

Forced Uninstall

Revo Uninstaller Pro also comes with a very powerful feature called Forced Uninstall. This feature allows you to remove leftovers of programs that are already uninstalled, incomplete installations and uninstall remnants of programs. It does not matter if the program, you want to remove, is not listed in Revo Uninstaller Pro or in Windows Programs and Features Control Panel applet. Forced Uninstall gives power to the user but still keeps the safety and the accuracy of the results. It is very useful when the installation is corrupted and cannot continue further. Forced Uninstall is the best solution when you have to remove partially installed programs, partially uninstalled programs, and programs not listed as installed at all. Forced Uninstall feature is related to Logs Database, so if it finds an appropriate log you can use it to remove the program completely.

Quick/Multiple Uninstall

Another way to uninstall a program with Revo Uninstaller Pro or few programs in a row is to use the Quick Uninstall command. The sequence of actions is similar to the regular Uninstall command of Revo Uninstaller Pro, but when it comes to the step where you have to review and delete the leftovers, the Quick Uninstall operation deletes the leftovers automatically reporting to you the number of deleted leftovers, and in case you have selected more than one program for uninstall, automatically starts the uninstall of the next selected program. This way of uninstalling provides you easy control of deleting useless programs in quicker, more systematized and dense way.

Real-Time Installation Monitor

Revo Uninstaller Pro has a feature that allows monitoring the installation of a program. It detects system changes during that installation and the process is done in real time – simultaneously with the regular installation and recorded all data to a log. Monitoring the installation in real-time can help you find and revert any kind of unwanted system changes that may harm your device.
Real-Time installation monitor is the most advanced and innovative technology used today. This technology is unique among the rest of the uninstallers. That is why it offers the easiest and the fastest way to monitor installations, so when the program is no longer needed the system changes made by the installation of the monitored program could be fully reverted as if the program has never been installed before. It is so easy to use that it requires only 3 mouse clicks to accomplish the whole process.

Windows Apps

Sometimes deleting Windows Apps on your computer can be a complicated and less enjoyable task for a common user. The Windows Apps Module Lists all Installed Windows Apps and helps you to remove them easily with a single click. You can uninstall both built-in apps that are pre-installed with your Windows and apps downloaded from Microsoft Store. Windows Apps Tool is a convenient way to remove unnecessary applications on your Windows, staying calm that leftover data is deleted and there is no chance of failing in the uninstall process and preventing further slowing down and stalling of your system. You can easily find the tool on the left section of the main screen of Revo Uninstaller Pro 4.

Browser Extensions

Most browsers nowadays support extensions which provide additional features to your browser functions. But the fewer extensions you have the speedier your browser should be. Many programs can often install their own browser extensions without your permission, or without even knowing. This may be very unpleasant and frustrating when it comes to the proper usage of the browser. The Browser Extensions module in Revo Uninstaller Pro lists and helps you delete different kinds of additional extensions or add-ons. You can easily see all extensions shown in groups, based on the browser and delete them completely. Browser Extensions tool is positioned in the lower part of the Commands Panel and currently supports: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Logs Database

This is a database of logs of traced programs through the monitoring module of Revo Uninstaller Pro made and managed by Revo Uninstaller Pro’s team. These logs are stored on our web server and you can easily (with one click only) use them to uninstall programs or to uninstall leftovers of already uninstalled program. Using a log from the Logs Database is the same as if you have made the log and traced the program yourself. So, even installing Revo Uninstaller Pro on a fully loaded computer with a lot of installed programs, you can take an advantage of the possibility for better and complete uninstall using the logs from the Logs Database, as you only have to search for the program you want to uninstall and select Uninstall command.

Manage Installation Logs

You have a full control over the traced logs. You can edit their data and properties, export or import a log to your Revo Uninstaller Pro.The Edit command let you see all traced changes on the file system and Registry. The Export and Import Log commands let you share logs with anybody using Revo Uninstaller Pro quite easily thus being sure you are doing the ultimate uninstall of the programs you have installed. For example, if you have problems uninstalling Program A or just want to do a better uninstall of Program A and a friend of yours has installed and traced the same program and has a log, he can just export the log and send it to you. You can import it and use it to uninstall the program as just as if you have traced it.

Multi-level Backup System

Revo Uninstaller Pro creates backups of removed registry keys, values, files and folders. Backup Manager is the main part of that system. It helps you to manage backup information stored by Revo Uninstaller Pro after deletion registry entries, files and folders.

The other levels of the backup system are:

  • Creating system restore point before each uninstall
  • Full Registry backup before each uninstall
  • Full Registry backup once each day Revo Uninstaller Pro is started

Hunter Mode

Hunter Mode is an innovative feature of Revo uninstaller Pro which gives you the flexibility to uninstall, stop or delete programs with one click only by simply dragging the Hunter window, with the mouse cursor, over desktop icons, opened windows or icon of a program loaded in the System Tray. This can be very useful because many programs loading on start-up and/or remain in the system tray without your consent, or you do not even know which program that is. With Hunter Mode you can easily stop auto starting of a program, kill process, kill and delete process as well as open program containing folder and search for the program in Google. This feature is very convenient for easy access to any program or process you no longer need by just pointing on it with a simple drag and drop option.

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