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Welcome to Revo Uninstaller Pro, probably the most powerful software uninstaller available. It uses multiple levels of security in a balanced way, to reduce the inherent risks associated with software removal. It uses advanced algorithms and scanning techniques to ensure the cleanest uninstalls possible without compromising security, and it makes full use of Wizards to keep all user operations as simple as possible.

Some users may just want to uninstall a few programs from time to time, whilst Power Users will wish to take full advantage of Revo Uninstaller Pro’s features to remove all Bloatware that came pre-installed, unwanted browser extensions that were bundled with other software, or to delete remnants of previous failed uninstalls and broken or corrupt software. Revo Uninstaller Pro can also install new programs in a manner that guarantees a 100% clean and simple uninstall if subsequently required.

Have you ever used Windows System Restore ? It’s very good, and can be extremely useful; but you have to burrow deep into your computer system to even find it. Revo Uninstaller Pro lets you find and use this plus 22 other Windows tools with just 2 simple key strokes. We’ve also added many of our own including one, named Hunter Mode, to uninstall or delete programs via their desktop icons.

This User Manual is designed for Inexperienced and Advanced Users, but we give the same advice to both. Take some time to read it – particularly the chapter on how Revo Uninstaller Pro works for you. It will help you understand the various steps taken by the different Uninstall processes.

Some specific advice for the Inexperienced. The first task detailed in this Guide is how to use Revo Uninstaller Pro to INSTALL a program, and create a Traced Log. Logs are the backbone of many of the features on offer, and so you are counseled to start here. Secondly, you are advised not to change any default settings in Revo Uninstaller Pro until you have gained knowledge and experience in using it.


Specific tasks will vary, dependent upon which Uninstall feature you choose to use. Steps 1 and 2 are, essentially, conducted by Revo Uninstaller Pro, although you may be asked to confirm some actions.

1AnalyzeRevo Uninstaller Pro will usually analyze the installed program you wish to remove using advanced algorithms to find all composite items, including Files, Folders, EXE’s, DLL’s, Registry items and Key Values that make up the program. It may, instead, make use of Traced Logs. It starts this process when you launch any Uninstall task.
2Run Built-in UninstallerRevo Uninstaller Pro will create a full Registry backup (unless option disabled) and a System Restore Point, and then run the built-in uninstaller of the program you are removing. An Uninstall Wizard, specific to the uninstall option, will show progress. Substitute options are offered when there is no built-in uninstaller.
3ScanDependent upon the uninstall process selected, you can set the Scan intensity level to search for leftover program items including Registry keys, files and folders. If enabled in the Options, during leftover scan, you will also be able to select an option to scan all Windows accounts for leftovers.
4Removal Revo Uninstaller Pro will complete the removal process automatically if you use the Traced Uninstall, Quick Uninstall commands or turn on the option “Automatically delete all found leftovers”. All other Uninstall options reflect some level of user input dependent upon whether you are performing a straightforward removal or, for example, the removal of a corrupt or broken program. Different Uninstall options may provide other specific information tools to assist you in your decision making.
Otherwise, after the scan is complete, leftover Registry items will be shown in a new window with leftover files and folders in a different window. You are now free to select those you wish to remove.
5SummaryIf you are not using an automatic removal process, as the last step of the uninstall process you will see a Summary screen with on overview of the completed operation, showing basic information about successfully and unsuccessfully deleted files, folders and Registry entries. There is an added option to review this information in detail. After closing the Summary screen, this information can be accessed at any point from the corresponding Uninstall History section for each module (All Programs, Traced Programs, Windows Apps, Browser Extensions, Forced Uninstall), which stores data for all complete or partial uninstall operations.


ModuleTaskStep 3 – ScanStep 4 – Removal
inexperiencedTraced ProgramsInstallNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Traced ProgramsUninstallAutomaticNot Applicable
All ProgramsQuick UninstallPreset to Moderate
All ProgramsUninstallStandard Procedure
Windows AppsUninstall
Windows AppsQuick Uninstall
Browser ExtensionsUninstall
Browser ExtensionsRemoveNot ApplicableAutomatic
advancedLogs DatabaseUninstallAutomaticAutomatic
Logs DatabaseCustom UninstallCustom UninstallCustom Uninstall
All ProgramsForced UninstallFree ChoiceStandard Procedure
All ProgramsForced MSI UninstallPreset to ModerateStandard Procedure
Hunter ModeForced UninstallFree ChoiceStandard Procedure
Traced ProgramsAdvanced UninstallAutomaticStandard Procedure
Traced ProgramsCustom UninstallFree ChoiceStandard Procedure

The removal process in Step 4 for all users is entitled “Standard Procedure”. It should be clearly understood that the leftover Registry items, files and folders detailed reflect the selected scan level applied in Step 3.

IMPORTANT: Inexperienced Users are recommended to stay with Moderate.

Advanced Users will undoubtedly prefer to select the Advanced level, which requires a more detailed analysis by the User before confirming items for removal.

When uninstalling programs, advanced users have the option to scan all Windows accounts for leftovers. If the option is selected, Revo Uninstaller Pro will scan for leftovers the current, as well as any and all other standard user or administrator accounts on the computer.


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