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To Know

By default Windows 7 does not allow pinning shortcuts to the Quick Launch area of the Taskbar that contain "install" either as a word or part of another word.

If you already have a shortcut for Revo Uninstaller on your Desktop, you need to rename it so it doesn't contain "install".

  1. To rename the shortcut right click it, select Rename, type the desired name, the press Enter. Remember to not use "install" as part of the name.

    rename context menu
  2. After that you can pin it to the taskbar by right clicking the shortcut, and selecting Pin to Taskbar.

    pin to taskbar context menu

If you do not have a shortcut for Revo Uninstaller, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to Revo Uninstaller's folder.

    To Know

    By default that folder is the following…

    • for Revo Uninstaller Freeware: C:\Program Files\VS Revo Group\Revo Uninstaller\
    • for Revo Uninstaller Pro: C:\Program Files\VS Revo Group\Revo Uninstaller Pro\
  2. Find the main executable file. For Revo Uninstaller Freeware that is RevoUnin.exe. For Revo Uninstaller Pro that is RevoUninPro.exe.

    To Know
    By default file extensions are not shown, so you may not see the ".exe" at the end.
  3. Right click that executable file, point to Send to, then click Desktop (create shortcut).

    send to desktop context menu
  4. A shortcut will be created on your Desktop.
  5. If you wish, you can rename the newly created shortcut, however that isn't mandatory, as it should already not have "install" in its name.

To rename and pin the shortcut, you can use the instructions at the beginning of the tutorial.


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