1. First, of course, you need to download and install Revo Uninstaller Pro.

    The latest version can be downloaded by clicking here.

    The installation is a typical Wizard-based, but if you need a tutorial on how to install Revo Uninstaller Pro, it can be found here.

    Once Revo Uninstaller Pro is installed, start it.

  2. Open the Help menu, and select Registration.
  3. Make sure the "Online Activation" option is selected.

    In this window you will need to enter a user name and your serial number.

    Both fields are mandatory, however for user name you can enter whatever you wish.

    The serial number needs to be entered exactly as you have received it. It is case-sensitive, has to contain all hyphens, and must not be neither preceded, nor succeeded by empty spaces.

    If you enter an incorrect number of characters and/or there are empty spaces before or after the serial number, the "Activate online" will be grayed out.

    The user name and serial number in the screenshots are used just as an example.
  4. When done, click Activate online.
  5. Revo Uninstaller Pro will contact its activation server.
  6. If the activation is successful, you should see this message. Simply click Finish.
  7. Restart Revo Uninstaller Pro.

    You can verify if the registration had been successful by looking in Revo Uninstaller Pro's title bar or in the About window in the Help menu.