WindRose PRO main screen

Uninstall WindRose PRO
using an installation log

made by Revo Uninstaller Pro

Why and When should you use that log?

  • - if you have problem uninstalling WindRose PRO
  • - if you want a better and thorough uninstall of WindRose PRO
  • - if you are not sure how to uninstall WindRose PRO
  • - if you have uninstalled WindRose PRO, but have problems to install a newer version
  • - if you have uninstalled WindRose PRO, but there are still leftovers of the program

How to use the log and uninstall WindRose PRO

  • 1

    Download and install Revo Uninstaller Pro - 30 days fully functional trial version

  • 2

    Start Revo Uninstaller Pro and open the module "Logs Database"

  • 3

    In the Search field type "WindRose PRO" and you will see all logs of "WindRose PRO" in the database compatible with your Windows Version.

    Find WindRose PRO in Logs Database List
  • 4

    Select the appropriate log by version from the list and press the "Uninstall" button from the toolbar

  • 5

    You will see few popping up windows showing the download and import of the log to your Revo Uninstaller Pro and then the main Uninstall dialog that shows the progress of the uninstall of WindRose PRO.

Available logs

WindRose PRO 3.1 on Windows 7 64-bit

WindRose PRO 3.1 on Windows XP 32-bit

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