This guide is aimed at users who do not use a 3rd party archiving utility (like WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, PowerArchiver, IZArc, etc.). If you happen to use such a program, then simply right click the downloaded ZIP file and look for an option "Extract Here" or similar. This will extract the contents of the archive (a folder named "RevoUninstallerPro_Portable") to its current location.
If you do not have a 3rd party archiving program installed, you can use the Windows built-in functionality.
  1. Right click the downloaded ZIP file, and select Extract All...
  2. The default destination folder is the same where the ZIP file is located. If you wish, you can change it by clicking the Browse... (1) button and selecting a different one.
    If you wish for the destination folder to be automatically open after you close the Wizard, leave the option checked (2). Otherwise uncheck it.
    Then click Extract (3) to start the extraction.

  3. To start Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable open the newly extracted RevoUninstallerPro_Portable folder, and double click the RevoUPPort.exe file.